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I help humans with personal development, business building and generating more income.

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The most common obstacles in life

Can you relate?

  • Personal


    You’re ready to make your next move but the moving is slower than turtles?

  • Business


    You want a flourishing business but you’re stuck on the hamster wheel?

  • Income


    You want to generate more income but feel like you’re squeezing rocks?

Caterpillar in a Jar owner - Lisa Smith

Personal development and business building can both be overwhelming – it takes a lot of introspection, the right mindset, the right skillset and extreme self-discipline. It may sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be and the good thing about it, there’s always a solution.

Progressing forward to achieve a goal involves setting clear, actionable steps and maintaining a focused mindset to overcome challenges. This is where the gap starts to happen. With consistent effort, strategic planning, and the support of a coach or mentor, you can stay motivated and on track to capture your vision. I’ve been there, done that and would love to show you how.

Client Feedback

  • “After a coaching session with Lisa, I often felt like I had more clarity and direction. Often, I would come in without a specific goal in mind...”

    Lois P.Calgary, Canada
  • “Lisa helped me to gain confidence and create boundaries for myself that has carried over into so many areas of my life. If you say yes to everyone else you eventually end up saying no to yourself...”

  • “Lisa helped me through a time when I was discovering what I wanted out of a new career. Through each of our sessions I felt safe to share and be vulnerable. Lisa encouraged my progression in the goals I set...”

    DouglasHerriman, USA
  • “I can’t thank my life coach Lisa enough for the incredible support and guidance shes provided me. She helped me gain clarity, boost my self-confidence, and achieve my goals...”

    Sayeh B.Vancouver, Canada
  • “If you’re reading this, no need to continue searching for support because, Lisa will be your new go to person. I’ve learned SO much from this incredible human including: How to focus on achieving my goals, how to be kinder to myself...”

    Jayden M.Vancouver, Canada
  • “Lisa, a remarkable life coach, guides individuals to triumph over challenges with unparalleled wisdom and compassion."

    TZCalgary, Canada
  • "Lisa allowed for me to really dive deep into understanding why I continued to be stuck in specific areas in my life."

    Erik P.Vancouver, Canada